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I am delighted that you are considering training to be a history teacher. We have an informative and challenging secondary history programme that will support you in becoming the most effective teacher possible by the end of the year, along with developing your passion for history and sharing that enthusiasm with pupils.

I started teaching in 2014 and my main focus continues to be effective and meaningful teaching and learning that allows all students to achieve. All students deserve to have dedicated and passionate teachers who give them the best opportunity to exceed in their subject. As Assistant Curriculum Area Leader for History and previously Acting Curriculum Area Leader, my daily role includes reshaping the curriculum; managing several staff; monitoring pupil progress and much more. All of this experience will be shared with you to guide you through your year as a trainee teacher. I have mentored both SCITT trainees and Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) who have all gone on to employment and success within their respective schools. I have had whole school in addition to department responsibility for co-ordinating the ‘more able’ provision and have led sessions on teaching and learning for our whole school professional development over the last two years. Last year, I completed the inaugural year of the SSAT Leadership Legacy Programme, which allowed me to get involved in research into the most effective teaching and learning methods, something which I am passionate about sharing and have recently done so at a national SSAT event. In addition to this, I have examined for two different exam boards for GCSE and A level and am currently completing a National Professional Qualification for Middle Leadership investigating gaps in achievement in A level history. All of which will ensure you keep up to date with any educational changes in history and education more broadly.

If you are enthusiastic, hardworking, dedicated to inspiring young people and have a great interest in history, we will look forward to receiving your application. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Should I be concerned about subject knowledge prior to starting the course?

Subject knowledge is a really important part of being a teacher and a historian, ensuring pupils are as engaged and enthused as we are about the topics we are teaching. With history however, I am fully aware that with such a vast amount of subject content, no one will ever be proficient in all areas of every country’s history in every time period (nor do you need to be). We ask that you complete a subject knowledge audit at the start of this course, which will give me an idea of which areas are your strength and which you need to improve, this will inform topics in our training sessions. Throughout the year, your subject knowledge will improve and be at a standard where you are comfortable and capable of teaching a large proportion of topics.

How are the subject knowledge sessions structured?

Subject knowledge sessions are on Friday afternoons for approximately two hours, where you will be allocated a room to undertake the development of your historical knowledge. Session structures can differ depending on the topic area, but all will have an element of research that is relevant and applicable to the classroom to help you understand the current themes in education. They will also have clear strategies and practical ideas for you to implement in your classrooms straight away after the session, along with observing lessons or watching parts of lessons to aid your practice. You will also get the opportunity to reflect on the week and discuss any issues with the aim of gaining advice or any celebratory moments to share with your cohort.

How do you help trainees across the subject areas gain employment?

During the year, we will do a lot of work based around job applications, employment and interview skills. We will have a dedicated session looking at this and I will help you look for jobs and direct you towards any in your area of choice. In addition to this, I will offer all history trainees a mock interview which will mirror what a ‘real’ job interview to give you experience and feedback before your first interview. I will also help you structure letters of application and discuss possible interview questions to ensure you are well prepared. We are proud of the employment rate in history and one that we wish to continue.

Why do you enjoy working with trainees?

Developing staff at any level is one of my favourite parts of my job and I enjoy working with trainees particularly, as I get to help you at the very start of your career and see you develop throughout the year, in the same way I see a student progress. I get to shape your skills and pedagogy and ensure to support you in becoming an effective teacher by the end of the year. Trainee teachers are the future leaders of education and to be a part of that in some way is highly rewarding.

What the trainees say…

‘Jodie’s high standards of professionalism and subject knowledge enable her to be an extremely effective and supportive mentor. This allowed me to grow in confidence as a trainee, and have a brilliant start as an NQT.’

 ‘Jodie is always engaging and passionate about teaching and learning, has a great combination of research, theory and practical ideas that I can use straight away! We always feel like we’ve accomplished a lot and she is really supportive – exactly what you would want in a facilitator.’



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