On the 7th December we were pleased to welcome over 40 NQTs from 17 schools across the National Forest Teaching School Alliance to our NQT Conference. The lead facilitator for the day, Caroline Bentley-Davies, is an experienced facilitator of CPD sessions as well as experience of being a local authority adviser, examiner, Ofsted inspector and accredited SIP. Caroline currently works in schools and colleges across the UK and overseas. She trains and coaches teachers to improve their practice.

cpd4‘Really useful and motivating, inspired me to teach all over again’

‘A thoroughly useful conference packed with techniques and tips you can use straight away but not overwhelming’

‘Enjoyable, informative, good to meet with new people and share ideas’

‘Best training session I have ever had’

The full day conference was hosted at the Training Centre at the John Taylor High School and the attendees were challenged through sessions aimed to develop outstanding teaching skills, motivating pupils and strategies for managing their time. Feedback from delegates was very positive and it was clear from the discussion as delegates left the room that the session had made them think about their practice.

cpd2The NQT Conference is an instrumental part of our NQT Enhanced Programme. As well as the conference NQTs registered on our Enhanced Programme also receive two afternoon phase specific sessions and a reduced fee for our NQT+1 programme. The National Forest Teaching School is a successful appropriate body and has over 70 NQTs registered with us on our NQT Core Package.

For more information on our NQT provision please visit https://nationalforestteachingschool.co.uk/nqts

We look forward to welcoming Caroline and the next cohort of NQTs back in 2019.

Mike Simmons
Deputy Director – National Forest Teaching School