Trainee blog.

Our trainees will be blogging throughout the year so you can follow their journey and hear first hand what it’s like to be a trainee teacher with the National Forest Teaching School.

A Change Of Career

It’s funny. This whole experience so far has been both the most enjoyable thing I have done but also the most trying, tiring and difficult. When I spoke to friends before I started this teacher [...]

Perceptions vs. Reality

Teachers finish work at 3pm. Teachers are always on holiday. Teaching is easy and anyone can do it. How many of these have you heard? Well, I have only been teaching since September and to be [...]

Delving Deeper

Never underestimate the power of clay… I did! I have come from a digital background; my practice consists of working with multiple screen based media. The fluidity from camera to screen, to [...]

CPD is Key!

  As PE teachers, Teacher standard 1a can often take on a new meaning, as some of the activities we teach can be very dangerous. Trampolining is an example of one of these sports so we were [...]

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